Winkelman Architecture

DECOR MAINE - Woodlands & Gables

This project sounds, and looks, like something out of a fairy tale. And, as any good fairy tale begins: Once upon a time, a couple purchased a wooded lot near Highland Lake, wanting a house that would hold multiple truths within in.

April 2024. Principals: Joanna Shaw, Lea Stagno. Project: Bridgton. Photography by Jeff Roberts. Publication Link

MAINE HOME + DESIGN - Drawing Board

Multiple buildings arranged in a U-shape create a private basin with views of waterfall-striped mountains and lush landscapes. 

January 2024. Principals: Will Winkelman, Alex Lehnen. Project: Kauai. Publication Link.

OCEAN HOME - Top Coastal Architects

Creating a synergistic link between the environment and a structure through stylistically diverse, fresh, and creative designs distinguished by a highly collaborative, craft-driven, and openminded approach. 

November 2023. Publication Link.

MAINE HOME + DESIGN - Built to Last

A variety of gathering spaces throughout the property encourage unique experiences and connectedness with each other as well as the environment. 

November 2023. Principal: Becca White.  Photography by Jeff Roberts. Project: Brooksville. Publication Link.

MAINE HOMES - Sebasco Cottage

"You can make the land conform to the house or the house can conform to the land," says Sokol, who leaned hard in the latter direction.

October 2023. Principal: Eric Sokol.  Photography by Jeff Roberts. Project: Sebasco Cottage. Publication Link

AIA Maine Merit Award - Dojo - Owl's Head

The details on this structure pay homage to traditional Japanese buildings without being maudlin.  

June 2023. Principal: Joanna Shaw. Project: Owl's Head, Dojo. 

MAINE HOME + DESIGN - Sebasco Cottage

Like much of the rest of the Maine coast, rocks and hardscrabble ledge dominate the landscape—hardy and beautiful features worth embracing rather than removing.

November/December 2022. Principal: Eric Sokol.  Photography by Jeff Roberts. Publication Link.

DECOR MAINE - Respectful Restoration

Together we worked out a plan for practical updates to enhance functionality and livability, while at the same time staying respectful of the John Calvin Stevens design.

May 2023. Principal: Will Winkelman. Project: Thaxter House. Lead Interiors Designer: Olan Boardman. Photography by Jeff Roberts.

DECOR MAINE - Screened Landing addition to Camp in the Trees

By preserving the existing outline of the boathouse, they maintained the sense that this landing had always been there. 

December 2022. Principal: Joanna Shaw. Project: Camp In the Trees. Photography by Jeff Roberts. Publication Link.


A 15-year collaboration culminates in a gift from three craftspeople to a special client.

August 2022. Principal: Will Winkelman. Project: Big Boulder Camp. Photography by Sarah Szwaikos. Publication Link.

AIA Maine Citation Award - Screened Landing - Camp in the Trees

Screened Landing is a well-articulated, thoughtful, and nicely proportioned design. The juxtaposition of light and dark was notable.

June 2022. Principal: Joanna Shaw. Project: Camp In the TreesAIA Award.

MAINE HOME + DESIGN - AIA Maine Design Awards

This seasonal landing sits on a point where the soothing sounds from a flowing brook meet echoes of activity on the lake. It is a space centered in tranquil connection to nature and active engagement with recreation, a daylight-filled space for gathering people and gathering things.

June 2022. Principal: Joanna Shaw.  Photography by Jeff Roberts. Project: Camp in the TreesPublication Link.

MAINE HOME + DESIGN - The Beach House

An elevated plane of planted terraces and decks.

November 2021. Principals: Joanna Shaw, Will Winkelman.  Photography by Jeff Roberts. Publication Link.

MAINE HOME + DESIGN - Design Theory | Continuing Ed

Will Winkelman of Winkelman Architecture on an Architect's Broadened Education Through Hands-on Work on his Own Renovation

November 2021. Publication Link.


From the Judges, Professional Bath: What better way to take in nature than in an outdoor shower under the canopy of trees? This one is seamless with the surrounding forest — even the rustic shingles lining the stall blend right in.

August 2021. Principal: Joanna Shaw. Project: Bark Shingle Camp

MAINE HOME + DESIGN - Small Wonder

A young couple finds that maximizing a long, narrow lot in Portland requires clearing some unexpected hurdles.

August 2021. Principal: Alex Lehnen. Photography by Jeff Roberts. Publication Link.


From the Judges, Professional Curb Appeal: The home’s clean lines and thoughtful use of raw materials complement the rugged scenery, and the open walkway creates an unobtrusively functional structure that frames views of the lake, allowing the landscape to enhance the design.

From the Judges, Professional Kitchen: On the whole, I would say that all the elements in this space are beautifully tied together with an elegant, pared-back palette that will stand the test of time.

August 2021. Principals: Joanna Shaw and Eric Sokol. Project: Camp in the Trees

MAINE HOME + DESIGN - AIA Maine Design Awards

Whipplewood is an artist's home that blends into the trees and wooded landscape of a steeply sloping site.  The structure was designed to reach up into the treetops but also anchor solidly into the hillside, weathering naturally over time within its surroundings.

June 2021. Principal: Eric Sokol.  Photography by Jeff Roberts. Project: WhipplewoodPublication Link.


With the help of architect Will Winkelman, Angela Drexel brings her family's 1960's property on Mount Desert Island into the Twenty-First Century.

July 2021. Principal: Will Winkelman. Photography by Jeff Roberts. Project: CoppertopPublication Link.

AIA Maine Honor Award - Whipplewood

The Whipplewood Residence truly blends the program of an artist's home with the steep, heavily wooded, linear site... The design includes a variety of quirky details, including a beautifully crafted wooden spiral staircase.

June 2021. Principal: Eric Sokol. Project: WhipplewoodAIA Award.

MAINE HOME + DESIGN - Up from the Ashes

A stunning modern lakeside home strikes just the right note, offering a creative escape as well as a lively entertaining space, while seamlessly blending into its surroundings

December 2020 by Laurie Sprague. Photography by Jeff Roberts.  Styling by Olan Boardman.  Features Whipplewood. Publication Link.

AIA New England MERIT AWARD - Far Cabin

From the Jury:  It feels like every part of this building has been designed with intention. reminds me of summer camp, and it sits nicely in the landscape, and it makes me smile.

October 2020. Architect: Joanna Shaw. Project: Far CabinAIA NE Awards Video.

DWELL - A Tiny Cor-Ten Steel Cabin Is in Perfect Sync With the Surrounding Woods

October 2020 by Melissa Dalton. Photography by Jeff Roberts. Features Far Cabin. Publication Link.

DECOR MAINE - Contemporary Camp

A pondside house for a couple that love to entertain

October 2020 by Debra Spark.  Photography by Jeff Roberts.  Features Greenwood Camp. Publication Link.

Maine Homes by Downeast - Hidden Figures

You'd be hard-pressed to spot this Sebago Lake compound from the water or surrounding forest - which is precisely the point.

July/August 2020 by Jen Derose. Photography by Jeff Roberts. Features Sebago Red Camp and Sebago White Camp. Publication Link.


Near Sebago Lake, Winkelman Architecture conjures a contemporary riff on camp style

July 2020 by Jorge S. Arango. Photography by Jeff Roberts.  Features Camp in the Trees. Publication Link.

Maine Home + Design - AIA Maine Design Awards

The Far Cabin, Midcoast

June 2020. Architect: Joanna Shaw. Project: Far CabinPublication Link.


From the Jury: In addition to the thoughtful siting and blended integration of the building onto the site, we were impressed by the Far Cabin's size.  In just 570 square feet of shelter, the project achieves all the "architecture" of its much larger residential competitors.

May 2020. Architect: Joanna Shaw. Video. Project: Far CabinAIA Award

DWELL - A Green-Roofed Maine Home Rises Above a Limited Footprint

May 2020 by Veronica Maldonado. Photography by Jeff Roberts.  Features Whipplewood. Publication Link.


A house in the Berkshires is inspired by the beauty that surrounds it.

May-June 2020 by Meaghan O'Neill. Photography by Robert Benson. Features Berkshires Retreat. Publication Link

OCEAN HOME - Shelter - A Compact Carriage House

A couple's love for boatbuilding inspires a meticulous design on the coast of Maine

May 2020 by J. Michael Welton. Photography by Jeff Roberts. Features Southwest Harbor Carriage House. Publication Link.

MAINE HOME + DESIGN - Heart of Stone

Small but mighty, a tiny carriage house in Southwest Harbor punches above its weight.

March 2020 by J. Michael Welton. Photography by Jeff Roberts. Features Southwest Harbor Carriage House. Publication Link.

MAINE HOME + DESIGN - Design Theory - Architect Joanna Shaw of Winkelman Architecture on Respect in Architecture

April 2020. Photography by Jeff Roberts. Features Bark Shingle Camp. Publication Link.

Maine Homes by Downeast - Hiding in Plain Sight

September 2019 - Elizabeth Choi, photographs Jeff Roberts.  Features Bark Shingle Camp. Publication Link.

Design sleight-of-hand makes a lakeside home in Rome disappear

DWELL - Camp in the Trees

Summer 2019. Architect: Joanna Shaw, Landscape Design: Richardson & Associates, Builder: Bill Symonds, Photographer: Jeff Roberts.  Features Camp in the Trees.  Publication Link

ZEST - Creating a timeless home at Pine Point

Summer 2019 by Karen Watterson. Photography: Jeffrey Stevensen.

DOWNEAST - Best of Maine - It's Alive - The living roof takes root in Maine

July 2019. Features Trollstua Huset. Publication Link

MAINE BOATS, HOMES & HARBORS - To the Island - a comfortable and low-key camp on Moose Pond

June 2019 by Regina Cole. Photographs by Jeff Roberts. Features Wooded Island Camp.

SKOOLIE - Storey Press

2019 - Will Sutherland. Features: Short Bus Retro. Publication Link

DECOR MAINE - Of Stone and Savannas

December 2018 by Brian Shuff, Photography by Jeff Roberts.  Features Modern Handcrafted Stair.

MAINE HOME + DESIGN - Neighbors, Friends & Friends of Friends

May 2018 by Debra Spark. Photography by Jeff Roberts. Styling by Janice Dunwoody. Features Tidal River House. Publication Link

THE NEW COTTAGE - Taunton Press

2018 by Katie Hutchison. Features Higgins Beach House. Publication Link


2017 - Katy Kelleher, photographs Greta Rybus. Features: Downeast Coastal Residence, Sebago Red Camp, Wooded Island Camp. Publication Link.


2017 by Philip Jodidio. Features Short Bus Retro.  Publication Link.

THE FAMILY CABIN - Taunton Press

2017 by Dale Mulfinger. A Maine Island Camp. Features Wooded Island Camp. Publication Link

MAINE HOME + DESIGN - Two Houses in One

December 2017 by Debra Spark. Photography by Jeff Roberts. Styling by Janice Dunwoody. Features Mere Point Cottage.

Maine Home + Design - Drawing Board - High Tide House

December 2016. Features Tidal River House.

MAINE HOME + DESIGN - Light-flooded rooms with countless views

December 2016. Features Higgins Beach House.

THE NEW SMALL HOUSE - Settled Into the Landscape - Taunton Press

2015 by Katie Hutchison. Features Trollstua Huset. Publication Link

THE NEW SMALL HOUSE - Heron Cottage - Taunton Press

2015 by Katie Hutchison. Features Heron Cottage. Publication Link

OFF THE ROAD - Explorers, Vans, and Life Off the Beaten Track

2015. Gestalten. Features Short Bus Retro. Publication Link

MAINE HOME + DESIGN - Strengthening Surroundings - Architect Joanna Shaw on architecture that contributes to its environment

December 2015. Edited by Rebecca Falzano. Photography by Sarah Beard Buckley.

NEW ENGLAND HOME - Sounds of Silence

July 2015 by Nathaniel Reade. Photography by Trent Bell. Features Downeast Coastal Residence.

MAINE HOME + DESIGN - All Together Now

October 2014 by Sarah Stebbins. Photography by Irvin Serrano. Styling by Janice Dunwoody. Features Fish Hook Camp.

DWELL - Maine Attraction

October 2014 by Justin Ellis. Photography by Trent Bell. Features Downeast Coastal Residence.

AIA MAINE CITATION AWARD - Downeast Coastal Residence

2014. Project Team: Eric Sokol, Will Winkelman. Project: Downeast Coastal Residence.  AIA Award.

MAINE HOME + DESIGN - Quietly Camouflaged

December 2012 by Rebecca Falzano. Photography by Trent Bell. Features Trollstua Huset.

DOWNEAST - Best of Maine - A Peaks Paradise

November 2012 by Meadow Rue Merrill. Photography by Brian Vanden Drink.  Features Oaklawn Beach House.

MAINE HOME + DESIGN - Craft in Architecture

Craft, the physical manifestation of design, is an indespensable part of architecture. Will Winkelman explains why.  

August 2012.

AIA MAINE CITATION AWARD - Fishing Camp Boathouse

2012. Project: Fishing Camp Boathouse.  AIA award.


October 2011 by Nancy Heiser. Photography by Brian Vanden Brink. Features Willard Beach House.

MAINE HOME + DESIGN - New Life Down an Old Road

September 2011 by Susan Grisanti. Photographs Trent Bell. Features Short Bus Retro.

MAINE HOME + DESIGN - Lakeside Magic

The Maine cottage comes of age

May 2011 by Bruce Irving. Photographs Trent Bell.  Features Panther Pond Camp.

MAINE HOME + DESIGN - Designing the Details

Architect Will Winkelman's foray into industrial design

November 2010 by Debra Spark. Photography by Trent Bell.

MAINE HOME + DESIGN - Standing Grand

The transformation of an English manor house in Cape Elizabeth

May 2010 by Debra Spark. Photography by Trent Bell. Features Stone Gables Residence.

PORTLAND MAGAZINE - Urban Home, Island Home

October 2007 by Amanda Smith. Features Peaks Island Cottage.

FIREPLACES - A Practical Design Guide to Fireplaces and Stoves Indoors and Out

2006 by Jane Gitlin. Taunton Press. Features Maine Camp.

THE BAREFOOT HOME - Uncluttered home, uncluttered life

2006 by Marc Vassallo. Taunton Press.  Features Peaks Island Cottage.

THE GETAWAY HOME - A New Camp Compound

2004 by Dale Mulfinger. Taunton Press. Features Maine Camp.

COTTAGES ON THE COAST - Evergreen Landing

2004 by Linda Leigh Paul. Universe Publishing. Features Evergreen Landing Cottage.

New England Style - A Converted Boathouse

2003 by Anna Kasabian. Rizzoli Publishing. Features Little Diamond Island Boathouse.